Citizen Designer: Perspectives on design responsibility

edited by Steven Heller and Veronique Vienne

I often dip back into this anthology when I’m in need of reassurance about the value of design work. Obviously you have got to eat, and that means working on projects that sometimes don’t necessarily tie-up with your broader ethics. If you are fortunate enough to be plying your trade on projects that ‘matter’ and make a living, that’s great, but it is not always possible for most people. Commercial design work is how you get to do what you love and keep afloat, possibly making room for other pieces of personal interest or pro bono. I feel that you can try and sneak a little love into your workflow even if not every piece of work you do permits.

There is great persuasive power in visual communication, creative problem-solving and design thinking that can be applied in pretty much any realm, and there are so many creative voices out there with something to say/show/give. This book is an inspiration, and I would argue essential reading for all those in the design professions. I particularly enjoy the chapters with Sean Wolfe (of Remover Installer fame) , Sara Little Turnbull, Tucker Viemeister, Mr. Keedy and Kalle Lasn, but it’s all good.

Consider your responsibility, and the power at your fingertips.

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