燃 rán: to ignite / to light / to start (debate) / fig. to spark off (controversy, flames of revolution) / to trigger (re)action / to raise (hopes)

Empathy, solutions, transmission.

The booth is manned 24/7.

This site is mainly a digital scrapbook of personal visual and editorial comment, along with reflections on some commercial work.

My personal journey has led to some wonderful places. Born a highlander, with a large part of my life lived across the UK and Asia, I call Edinburgh home. Understanding people is a core motivation built on many influences and exposure to many different environments, both human and geographic.

I have a background in social science and creative communication, but I’ve worn a lot of hats. In early working life this included stacking shelves, care-giving, complaints handling, arts venues, and hospitality – in one former life an industry-nominated bartender of the year. In later years, walking in the shoes of human rights petitioners, picnicking with lama’s, and helping renmin-billionaires name their buildings. I have worked across many areas of research, editorial, design, and propaganda. 

I continue to build perspective and insight to global cultural trends, public and consumer psyche, values and expectations. More recent focus includes engagement for social good, visual journalism, areas of design research and design citizenship. In more personal terms I’m determined to keep testing myself, physically, mentally, and emotionally — this sometimes means finding out bones don’t heal as quickly as they once did, and that, while in some ways the world seems to grow darker, in others it grows brighter still.

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