‘Twenty in Twenty’ – book production and launch

One of the new pieces of collateral generated under the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisation’s brand development strategy. Charities, Scotland and Holyrood: Twenty Years Delivering Change – informally known as ‘Twenty in Twenty’ – is a publication we presented at the Scottish parliament to commemorate the 20 key charity and public sector-partnered policy successes on the anniversary marking 20 years of the Scottish parliament.

Everything from the ban on smoking in public places, to the right to roam, and other issues around welfare, housing and same sex marriage amongst many more. With detailed summaries of the individual achievements, alongside testimonials from the relevant  activists and leaders through to Scotlands’ first minister, the book was well-received and highlights one of the critical roles SCVO occupy; in promoting the value and significance of charities, social enterprise and grassroots activism in Scotland.

This project had me lead on art directing, style guide, key design, supervising layout design, editing, and print production management. We worked towards a hi-spec coffee table book aesthetic – where most content generated in the third sector is often self-consciously low budget, there are instances when engagement needs to be made credible in everyone’s eyes, and formalising the massive achievements with a piece of high quality print collateral worth keeping, alongside a newsworthy launch event at the parliament were more than appropriate. In creative design terms, the full red-orange wash – a colour that evokes human warmth, and positive encouragement was an obvious choice. The colour block string ornaments, while a bit retro, did comfortably and accessibly represent the twenty chapter themes, and diverse causes within. The construction of the logotype sought to portray the intrinsically-linked and vital relationship between voluntary sector and public sector collaboration. The balance and significance of their roles would take a different size and shape from campaign to campaign, so this nested numeral construction aimed to represent that relationship.