SO IF – Faking the world a better place


Putting my designers hat on, I can relate to the thrill of problem-solving and finding elegant solutions; through innovation, working on efficiency, ergonomics, inventing products, processes, devices and all manner of industrial, scientific and technological boundary-busting. Sadly, when it comes to environmental issues, and in particular our increasingly more hazardous AQI levels, serious psychological and behavioural shifts need to take place, accompanied by lifestyle changes, and letting go of purely capital-driven decision-making.

As much as I value the design thinking behind this or that pollution mask, or discretely elegant domestic air purifier as immediate industrial solutions to combat pollution on a personal level, it is just symptomatic of the anthropocentric belief in our supremacy over the natural world. That environmental conditions can be tamed, and we can indefinitely find neat solutions allowing us to plough on into an ever-worsening situation, while making ourselves a touch more comfy along the way. The problem isn’t going away, but rather than slow down a bit, let’s shop our way out of it. Or, possibly… get busy with some transhumanist ideals, and meddle with our own physical evolution? … “nothing too drastic mind, but as long as we don’t have to give up the Range Rover baby, hook us up!”.

Anyway, I believe in the show being more effective than the tell, so here is some marketing collateral for just such a (possible) near-future technocratic solution . Is it so hard to believe that with enough bio-tech advances and a sufficiently desperate public, that we wouldn’t consider a surgical intervention to a dire health concern if it was on the table?


Sure, sealing up your nostrils and implanting a genetically engineered membrane in your mouth might seem a bit extreme. Sure, you will be taking all your dietary and nutritional requirements through an atomiser — also available through the Technocratic Solutions Store — but you would at least be breathing. Sure, rendering yourself a fully paid-up member of the mouth-breathing ranks might seem like a cultural back-step, but let’s look on the bright side…

A word from the Technocratic Solutions Clinic

We began at a time where the appliance of science and technological innovation was employed as a crutch, a patch-up job when things went wrong – as if your human form was the pinnacle of evolution, and maintenance was all we demanded.

We knew the story of mans’ evolution didn’t end there.

Thanks to the vision of our founding fathers, Technocratic Solutions emerged to offer all the necessary advancement. To take charge of body and mind and shape it with everything required to meet the demands of the 21st century, and beyond.

Thanks to our flagship SO IF procedure, you are not only free to leave your homes once more and feel the sun on your face without the archaic apparatus you were once burdened by, but to excel – the opportunity to live longer, live stronger, live faster.

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