Cameras ready, prepare to flash

One of my hats. Amongst other things, I’m a trained photographer.

I did earn coins for shoots here and there at one stage, but even as I moved into other areas of work I continue to draw on my experience in this very much. It embedded a total clarity in visual comms practise that I carried into all other realms. Through art directing, video and motion, graphic design, content development, and the pure storytelling power harnessed through expert framing, composition, lighting, timing, propping, contrast, colour, mood, emotion, positive/negative space… and all that other good stuff, the principles translate across all areas of expression.

Ethnography, editorial and documentary are my main personal photographic interests – the street, people, places, interactions, slice-of-life. I keep an eye out for interesting form, pattern, texture, and gloriously reflected colour too. You can see a wee bit more of this through my link below, if it interests you – that site is due an upgrade (not my priority right now though) so may require patience on the carousel loading.

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