pretty ugly

A typographic exorcise.

ugly: individuals, ideologies, or actions that trade in selfishness, greed, and especially intolerance or discord, directed toward those on the perceived fringes who are apparently a threat to the implied ‘normal’ wholesome core. Usually attached to the end of a pudgy, jabbing, over-privileged, survival-of-the-sneakiest-type finger.

pretty: individuals, ideologies, actions, that are pure expressions of one’s self; for that is who you ‘normally’ are. Lived experience, not who you pretend to or ‘choose’ to be, nor carried as a deliberate affront to others.

There is an uneasy relationship between superficial, celebratory commercial presentation and the normalisation of deep ugliness. We can be told something, or someone is pretty (normal/acceptable), or ugly (abnormal/unacceptable), but how things look, sound or dazzle, often belie how they actually are.