Connecting Scotland

Connecting Scotland is a Scottish Government and SCVO-partnership to launch a new £5million programme offering an internet connection and a laptop or tablet to vulnerable people who are not already online during the response to coronavirus.

The connecting Scotland programme will connect 9,000 more people who are either considered at clinically high-risk themselves or have children who are vulnerable, so they can access services and support during the pandemic.

As well as essentially redirecting and rebranding the previously existing Scottish Government’s ‘No one left Behind’ campaign to Connecting Scotland, this also served as an opportunity to align related digital participation work that SCVO and the Scottish Government offer. We took an evolutionary approach, to have some continuity and to make use of some existing illustrative VI work by Jamhot – on the Digital Participation Charter. I developed the brand mark and program identity pivot, the positioning and marcom roll-out.

*Excerpts from the elevator pitch to the Scottish Government, and a few excerpts from the toolkit collateral.