Blurp social platform – the hottest air in the cloud

Before Truth Social launched – and floundered – team Donald called me in to correctly position and develop their new social platform.

A blurp is an outpouring of hot, gaseous nonsense that addresses a topical flashpoint with hyperbole and outrage, carries a faint whiff of bile, and just enough incitement-to-violence to satisfy a broad range of malcontent palettes. It can escape anywhere, any time, without nanny-statesmanship or any liberalist moderation whatsoever.

A brand-driven service design methodology meant we were able to get to the heart of the user base and audience, correctly define the proposition, and apply appropriate identity, messaging and channel strategy. First off, fully understanding the value, and needs of the service – as basically a safe place for like-minded humans to share their variously: conspiratorial, bigoted, toxic, rabble-rousing and generally unpopular (yet shockingly popular) dialogue, that saw them hounded out of all mainstream social platforms –  meant we could create something that would really grab folks by the pussy* and see engagement spread like wildfire. Check out the user personas.

It really puts the user at the centre of the marcom strategy; with candid situational ‘social’ settings, coupled with a copy approach that rapidly establishes and normalises the vernacular of the new platform: ‘a blurp’, ‘blurping’, ‘blurper’, getting blurped’, while representing the everyday narcissism and prejudices of its users.

A visual identity built to be flexible in corporate comms realms and present comfortably in more agitative, activist aesthetics for the younger, or more militant ones.

Not sure why Team Donald didn’t go for it in the end.

*The client’s words, not mine.