Are the poor ickle people an ickle bit saddy-waddy?

The Private Sector performed at last year’s Brighton Fringe Festival in a show called the Brexorcist. For the life of me, I can’t get hold of any downloadable/purchasable tracks from their touted album; apparently titled Your Mind Our Marketplace, so I can’t share any direct links. I think there is a quick’n’dirty Youtube clip someone sent up after the show somewhere. (*update, 09/05/18)…but wait… Graham Duff’s Mixtape radio show broadcast on Totally Radio features this very track! You’ll find it around 23 minutes in…. and the rest of the show features a range of generally handsome recorded music while you’re at it. (**update-update, 01/05/19) Your Mind, Our Marketplace album on general release, everywhere.

The track is basically a darkly satirical spoken word assault on the ‘state of things’. Built on reflexive lyrical contrasts throughout, amongst the many many highlights are the opening “Less Albert Einstein’s, more Harvey Weinstein’s, Less understanding, more branding“, and later “Less benefit concerts, more football nonces“,”Less giving a toss, more Paul Ross“… they keep on coming.

I am hoping more of their content and material bubbles up soon. Certainly would love a chance to see them play live and show my appreciation. I think while the material is pretty bleak, it is hilarious and absolutely necessary. A politically-charged critique of a world we seem all too comfortable living in; where corporate interests dominate and are often pitched in opposition to human happiness and well being. Hard to argue with that assessment sometimes.

Anyway, I threw together this collage and custom ‘icing-sugar’ lettering as fan art really. I felt this song lyric alone is very meme-rable, a bon mot for our age. There seems to be a steady grind toward diminished expectations in the current entertainment landscape – nothing too challenging, nothing that takes too much effort hits the spot for a great many of us.

I will resist the temptation to plunder all their insightful contrasts for similar treatment as I’m sure I won’t be the only person tickled by them or similarly inclined. Find their website here.