ENABLE Scotland Membership

I recently completed some brand development for ENABLE Scotland – the most prominent charity supporting people with a learning disability in Scotland. They sought to reposition and amplify their membership offer, as well as refresh and unify the brand identity of various support services, programs and campaigns.

At this stage they felt content with their existing core visual identity – so I didn’t get my hands on a comprehensive development. Instead I was briefed to address primarily a repositioning of their membership offer and some of their related support services. I needed to identify and solidify an approach that allowed the continued brand recognition to carry across the membership and charity campaigning branches, that would in-turn be able to filter across to other realms when they get around to developing those. Combining more welcoming key messaging with identifying a bolder and fresher graphic treatment, including: the introduction of a new display typeface; selection of strong, energetic photographic elements; and a generally more open treatment of marcom collateral and digital touch points, all led to a decent outcome.

Helping plan content, work on the sub-service naming, and evolving the membership area of their website to compliment the changes were a significant part of this process too. Aligning the related sub-branded campaign and program initiatives with a system and suite of new service logotypes, and developing custom icon sets to aid with accessible signposting of each brand and sub-brand/service area was an interesting process. All aspects of this project went through A-B testing, and umpteen development rounds with internal and external stakeholders.

This corner of their output and brand presence is widely acknowledged to be a significant step forward, and they can now hopefully get to bringing this across to some of the wider realms of the ENABLE Scotland world.