Best digital interactive design studio on the planet, this cannot be overstated.

They say: "Resn is a creative digital agency. We infect minds with gooey interactive experiences and saturate the internet with digital miracles."

click... <cue dreamy, amorous, surf-jazz audio track>

It is important to recognise, and tip a cap in the general direction of anyone making our digital world a brighter place - credt where it's due. Enough polycarbonate-trophy-wielding industry types have told them so already no doubt, but as much as it's worth, I'm adding my voice to the adulation. They have been doing their thing at the bleeding edge for a good long while now, so anybody working in commercial digital production, user interaction, in-browser animation, or connected in anyway to this realm of communication, if not already familiar with their work, really ought to be.

Founded in 2004 by Rik Campbell and Steve Le Marquand, Resn now knock major league global brand campaigns and messages out of the park for fun. Perverting the Web was the title of their recent Awwards keynote address this year in Amsterdam (where one of their offices is based - the other being Wellington, NZ). The crux of it was to push the message of thinking out of the box (container), to challenge, and disrupt. This is pretty much a mantra above the conference room door of every contemporary comms agency, but this crew definitely do it, and kill it, every time. Some of the content they produce is mind-blowing, in terms of demonstrating how intuitive, and how fun a time users can have interacting with in-browser content, whether the content be slick corporate automotive industry stuff (see their work for Subaru), or punky, urban 'yoof'-oriented (loads for Adidas, KFC, and many more). It doesn't matter whether their talents be applied to commercial endeavours, or just causes, the quality of their work shines throughout. There is a humour and a warmth to their work, but there is also always a demonstration of incisive intelligence, and limit-pushing determination that is nothing short of inspirational. Thank you Resn. 

*See the above mentioned talk here (delivered by two of the companies creative directors, Kris Hermansson and Simon Jullien).

*See the static slide deck from it here.

*See their showreel here.


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