rán: to ignite / to light / to start (debate) / fig. to spark off (controversy, flames of revolution) / to trigger (re)action / to raise (hopes)


Based now back home in Scotland after a good many moons spent in other places. Involved with words and pictures. I work in communication strategy, insight, creative direction, and design. This includes things like editorial, identity and branding, corporate communication, copywriting, data-visualisation, instructional design... From marketing skyscrapers, to rabble-rousing and critical causes; promoting consciousness, and pushing product in equal measure.

Ethnography and understanding people is an important part of my background, and passing along strong messages is at the heart of everything I do. My experience covers time-served in corporate and high-end marcom environments, education, NPO's, service and F&B sectors. Some people I have worked on commercial projects for include: Greenpeace, McGraw-Hill, National Geographic Learning, Wanda Group, JLL, BlackRock, K11, UNESCO, amongst other entities great and small. Depending on the day, and how you look at things, we are either part of the problem, or part of the solution... I've played for the blues, and the reds.

You'll find here a rotating splash of personal colour; a few words and pictures. For show and tell on more formal commercial output, send me some words... or pictures.

Ruaraidh Anderson Brown